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This caricature of me was created by Pedro Figue for the cover of cereal: geek #3, a magazine devoted to animation of the 1980s (shameless plug – I am a contributor to the magazine). You can find me stuck between two turtles in the second row. This magazine is a labor of love published by James Eatock in London, UK. There are no ads, just 100 pages of Eighties animation goodness.

Check it out for yourself:     cereal:geek

For more of Pedro’s excellent art:   Pedro Figue's Blog

Robert Lamb caricature

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Robert Lamb caricature
Cereal Geek 3

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Guardians of Allon

A prequel trilogy to the Allon series of epic fantasy novels by Shawn Lamb, my wonderfully creative wife!

BTW, I illustrated the covers.

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The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Michael Ealy and Bob Lamb!

To amuse you while waiting for my next update, a bit of name-dropping from the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Click on the image below or this link.

Overthrow, Guardians of Allon Book 3 by Shawn Lamb
The Great Battle, Guardians of Allon Book 1 by Shawn Lamb
Reprieve, Guardians of Allon Book 2 by Shawn Lamb

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Welcome to

Here you will find my recollections of my career at Filmation Studios in the 1980s. Peruse the links on the left which are in chronological order starting with “Breaking In” in 1981. Slower than I wish I am working my way through the 2nd season of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

I reworked the cover art I did for my wife’s fantasy prequel trilogy, Guardians of Allon, into a triptych on canvas. Best birthday present I have given her. The individual book covers are a little further down.